Through The Eyes Of A Lion

I enjoy a good book!  “Understatement of the year!” says everyone who knows me.  I have been honored to participate in a few book launches over the past few years, and I consider it an honor to be trusted with bringing awareness to an author’s work.  That being said, when I signed on to help launch Pastor Levi Lusko’s new book, I had no idea what I was about to experience.

I became aware of the Lusko’s story on social media some month’s back.  I knew that they had lost a daughter under heartbreaking circumstances, and my heart hurt for them as I’m certain it did in many others.  We didn’t know the Luskos, but the loss of a loved one is something we can all connect with.  Let’s be honest, though, how could most of us possibly comprehend the loss of a child?  And, she was so young….

Fast forward to news of this book, “Through The Eyes Of A Lion.”  It is a brave thing to step out and share the story of the kind of pain Levi and his family must have gone through.  What will this be like?  What direction do you take?  What could possibly motivate you to want to go so public with such a personal matter?

It didn’t take long to find the answers to those questions.  This book is an honest telling of a heart-crushing story.  But, the heart of it is the triumph of coming through and finding purpose in the unthinkable.  It’s about seeing something with a new vision refined through tears of grief.  It’s about learning the lessons taught in the short but potent life of a 5 year old girl that show us adults what the real purpose is in our lives and that we should pursue it with the same ferocity that she displayed in her time here on earth.  This is Lenya’s legacy, and it is awesome!

I’m not here to provide details or to impart all of this book’s wisdom in a blog post.  I’m here to tell you that YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK.  If you know someone who is suffering through an impossible situation riddled with pain, you should put it in their hands.  No book will solve the problem of pain and grief, but I believe this book’s message is one that many have needed to hear; the trouble is that we never knew how to speak it.  The raw honesty on every level is a kind that you cannot share unless you have been there.  It isn’t a book so much as it is a gift to all of us that we can introduce into circumstances that are beyond us.  It is a way to say “I love you” and “I want to help” without trying to say something when you don’t even know where to begin.  It’s an invaluable resource in a circumstance where they are sadly lacking.

“Through The Eyes Of A Lion” offers hope.  Hope…the thing we all need and can’t live without.  It’s a compass for those who have never felt more lost.  It’s “beauty from ashes.”  Thank you, Lusko family, for allowing us access that none of us deserve, because others needed to hear a story that only you could tell.  Lenya, if you somehow get to see this little blog, I want to thank you for challenging me.  You are making a difference in countless lives….thanks for your roar!


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I am God's chosen instrument to carry the Name of Jesus to the world! Husband of Peggy Michelle, Massive fan of U2, and I am generally a gigantic fan of good music!
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2 Responses to Through The Eyes Of A Lion

  1. satrntgr says:

    Lenya has definitely left a legacy. What a blessing that amazing lion’s story has been already to many!! I’m sure the song in heaven is sounding sweet! 🙂

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